small bites.

small bites.

anna wintour and her gaggle of supermodels will be on the today show friday. has the article, pics and video from the may cover up. after seeing little sasha talking in the video, i’m fast becoming a fan.

if you haven’t already scooped up some shirts from gap design editions, you better get to a store quick. most of the extra smalls and smalls are sold out online (i managed to snag a rodarte trapeze top earlier today).

girlshop, the store, is indeed closing, as soon as sunday. all merchandise is priced to move.

cover via modelinia

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  1. krista 11 years ago

    I’ve seen the pictures. I’ve never seen a picture of Sasha Pivs where she looks ohh sooo short! And alas! they’ve manage to take a bad pic of Lily D. which I thought was impossible (the solo pic of her with that scary smile, maybe a bad angle.). But then again, given a choice, who would you choose? Models, who’s job is to be a canvas for fashion designers and be on covers of fashion magazines or a celeb who desperately needs to plug in her movie.

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