wonder twin powers.

wonder twin powers.

mary-kate olsen and ashley olsen have a style sense that i love. at the cfda/7th on sale gala each had an ensemble that showed off their individual sensabilities. i adored ashley in the long white calvin klein gown with cutout sides and back. with the sleek gown, she keep accessories to a minimum. she did however, later decide to add a jacket to the look and borrowed anna wintour’s chanel haute couture one. ash loved it so much she reportedly bought it right off anna’s back!

meanwhile mary-kate chose white as well, but a more avant-garde dress by one of her favorite designers, giambattista valli. she also added va-voom with hot pink and white valli sandals and over a quarter of a million dollars in jewelry from jacob & co.

here’s a close up and a talley:

– rose gold white diamond bangle $33,000
– rose gold white diamond bangle $27,300
– yellow gold yellow pave diamond bangle $43,500
– white gold white diamond bangle $25,800
– white gold diamond bangle $33,000
– baguette diamond thingytail ring $21,000
– mens tri-color diamond link bracelet $39,600
– mens rose gold diamond bracelet $50,745

i know m-k has a thing for jewelry…i wonder if it was borrowed or bought…

pics from celebtopia

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  1. Blythe 10 years ago

    i just wanted to say i love your blog. xo.

  2. jennine 10 years ago

    dude… that’s a lot of bling… i wondered how the stars were able to have so many clothes… like even with tonnes of money, where does the money come from?? it’s insane…

  3. junation 10 years ago

    Oh God please get her some food! Can’t you see she’s hungry?

  4. Rumi 10 years ago

    LOVE Ashley’s look here..the cutouts are placed just perfectly.

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