the jazz age.

the jazz age.

in terms of editorial themes, the wartime forties, complete with jazz singers, is a theme that pops up again and again. women were prim and proper (even in the face of tough times), and the music was intense and emotional. the photography of william gottlieb was surely an inspiration for peter lindbergh’s “fashion…and all that jazz” in september’s harpers bazaar. chanel iman and arlensis sosa visit new york classics like the cotton club, sylvia’s and the lenox lounge wearing classic wrap camel coats from max mara, suiting by gianfranco ferre, furs and dresses from lanvin (a very forties-centric collection), and beaded gowns from armani and chanel.

the styling by brana wolf is spot on, as is the hair and makeup by yannick d’l and tom pecheaux respectively, while chanel and arlenis are truly perfect for this…their images leap off the page and really are the highlight of this issue.

scanned by flyme2themoon at thefashionspot

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  1. pink avenue 8 years ago

    what a gorgeous editorial! proves that glamour and jazz never go out of style.

  2. Spike 8 years ago

    I absolutely adore that shot of Chanel in Balenciaga. It's got so much life to it.

  3. Bostonista 8 years ago

    amazing editorial! Chanel seems to literally jump off the page! I love it!

  4. Scandalous Beauty 8 years ago

    Chanel looks amazing! It's SO real, the entire editorial team did an outstanding job.

  5. Ashley 8 years ago

    Chanel and Arlenis look absolutely stunning! The styling looks so authentic to that era. perfect photography.

  6. Lilee 8 years ago

    ahh i love chanel. an amzing editorial.

  7. Taylor Sterling 8 years ago

    Just foud your blog and I love to come across fellow bay area bloggers. Great blog.

  8. Acaislim 8 years ago

    I love channel. an amazing editorial.

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