the lady has a million faces.

the lady has a million faces.

kristen mcmenamy in nineties grunge and as the fifties suzy parker-esque lady

kristen mcmenamy is one of the most versatile models working today. she started in the heyday of the supers, rivaling linda evangelista in terms of bringing a variety of faces and moods to an ad campaign and editorial. over the last few years, kristen has worked sparingly, turning up on the givenchy runway or in an ed or two. but in the past few months, she has been more on the modeling forefront, scoring a vogue italia cover and one of the most anticipated ad camapaigns of the season.

for july’s vogue italia, called “mcmenamy the legend” (shot by steven meisel), features kristen in deep, dark, moody images that covers 24 pages and runs from classical portraits to more intense, almost theatrical captures that are perfect to capture designers like alaia, mcqueen, watanabe, and prada.

then for lanvin (also shot by meisel), she morphs into the glamourous eccentric, a cleaner, slicker version of big edie bouvier complete with blood red lips. for a collection that was all about austerity, the ad campaign has a bit of sarcasm but still felt true to the house. and for those who are loving the nineties supermodel revival, you’re in luck–miss evangelista is on the cover of august’s vogue italia.

vintage scans from annie at herfamedgoodloooks; vogue italia scanned by blacklab at thefashionspot; lanvin ad from twmanagement

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  2. CC 8 years ago

    I loved Kristen Mcmenamy's spread in Vogue. Loved the goth, biker chic look.

  3. Antonio Barros 8 years ago

    Cool pictures!!!!

    Amazing blog! I'm following now!

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  4. B3PA 8 years ago

    these photos on vogue italia are amazing… and i got this vogue!

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