streets of new york.

streets of new york.

when fashion magazines do editorials “on the street,” they tend to block or blur out any evidence that life exists on those streets. i always look at those and wonder what are passerbys thinking watching amber valletta or kate moss posing in the middle of a street, arms flailing about or legs in a position that mere mortals can’t comprehend. for “live from new york” in v magazine’s fall fashion issue, mario sorrenti shot models freja beha erichsen and sasha pivovarova in times square hanging on street lights, crawling on the sidewalk, and wearing ridiculous headgear and shoes, all while natives and tourists alike looked on. i love sorrenti’s play with perspective along with sasha & freja’s contorting and high wire act creates something energized and frenzied that isn’t based on the environment alone.

images from vmagazine digital edition

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  1. Catie 8 years ago

    W-O-W, I love it! Love both those girls, and how this shoot was achieved. The first photo is so macabre.

  2. Kristina 8 years ago

    I love the way the bold urban background setting, the dramatic confident poses and the heavily structured garments blend so well together. It is rare that you see all three displayed so successfully and do not appear to compete with eachother. Thanks so much for showcasing this editorial!!! You have such a great eye!

  3. Taylor Sterling 8 years ago

    WOW I love these images girl! Nice taste!!

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